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Waynesboro animal constraints how lots of canines cats can i have

WAYNESBORO — A lot more than a dozen residents came collectively at Monday evening’s city council meeting to oppose changes to town animal legal guidelines. Some had been all set to pack their bags.

Variations could imply that citizens would have to select concerning which pets to continue to keep and kick to the control, or make the determination to transfer out of town entirely. The assembly was full of tears and shaky voices as households instructed their stories. 1 lady brought a photograph of her canines and questioned the council to opt for which she should really get rid of if the ordinance passed.

Fears and opposition from citizens ranged from getting rid of their beloved pets, having fined for violating laws, uncertainty about fostering, confusion about why an ordinance modify was necessary, and no grandfather clause was involved. The discussion drew in veterinarians, concerned citizens, shelter volunteers, adolescents and animal control workers to weigh in on the situation.