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Utilization of Poultry Livestock Products

Poultry such as chickens, ducks, and geese, are popular animals. Especially as a producer of eggs and meat. Maintenance is quite easy, does not require a large place, so we can keep on the home page. This cattle can give results, within 6 months of laying eggs, meat can also be made in various types of cuisine.

Poultry also produces byproducts such as manure for manure, eggshell, and bones through a specific process for feed ingredients. Similarly, the head, and legs in addition to animal feed are also often used as a snack. It’s feathers for flour, feed or home industry, clothing, and sport. Therefore, the utilization of poultry byproducts is very promising.

Such by-products if managed well, can provide side income from livestock business.

One of the byproducts of home industry material is poultry feather. Feather waste comprises 6% of the live weight from wholesale poultry suppliers. Chicken feathers, ducks or swans can be obtained from the results of poultry slaughter in the slaughterhouse, in the market, as well as on the scale business of the farmers themselves. Generally, chicken feathers which are chicken slaughtering waste in the market or households are not or have not been utilized. Though the value is quite high, even could be a principal business.

Chicken Fur Craft

The easiest way to use chicken feathers is to make a duster (dust cleaner). The process is easy with the use of cheap local raw materials. If we used to duster with natural colors without other frills, but now duster is colorful and decorated with ribbon decoration, thus increasing its economic value. The fur used does not require any special requirements, which is importantly clean. The feathers are used from the hair on the back until the wing feathers are long. The raw material for 1 stem dough from one chicken.

Chicken Fur Flour

Chicken feather flour as one of poultry and pig feed ingredients. In pigs, need 5% of the poultry of the amount of feed. Feather flour contains 78.8% crude protein, 3.8% fat, coarse fiber 2.95%, 0.3% lime, 0.5% phosphorus. The content of N (Nitrogen) flour can reach 13-13,3%.

Fur flour can be obtained by several processes: pressure steaming, by the chemical process. In addition, by drying the chicken feathers, then grind them. Farmers can also sell unprocessed feathers to the animal feed factory.

Shuttle Cock from Duck Feather for Badminton Game

Duck feathers can be an additional source of income from duck breeders. The wing feather on the wing Edge is useful for “shuttlecock”. Farmers can collect and sell it to a shuttlecock factory. As we know, that shuttlecock is quite high. Domestic and export marketing abroad. Feathers as a raw material for the shuttlecock, must meet special requirements, including clean hair, come from healthy livestock so that feathers are strong, not quickly damaged, feather structure must be intact.

In order to obtain the feathers, we can “force” the fur, by limiting the feeding or reducing the protein from the feed. Lung or fall feathers usually normally occur in poultry when the cattle are producing eggs. At the time of the whole feather, the cattle stop laying eggs, but will re-lay eggs after the livestock grow back. The whole process of feathers on ducks whose egg production is low, occurs more rapidly, and lasts for 20 weeks. While the reverse, the ducks are high production such as Alabio ducks.

With the maintenance of poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese we can get added value from the byproducts. So that income from the business increases. Farmers should increase their knowledge and skills. So that poultry business can be a mainstay of families, especially in overcoming the economic and food crisis.