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The Ultimate Guide To Pet Boarding When Preparing For A Holiday

Going for a holiday is supposed to be a period when you can relax and unwind without any worry. However, pet owners find it hard to relax when away from home because they are always thinking about their pets.

You can avoid all this stress and worry by getting pet boarding services. However, before entrusting your pet to any dog boarding service, you should carefully weigh all the boarding options at your disposal. This is the best way to pick a boarding service where you will be assured that your furry friend is in good hands and receiving proper care. Below are a few tips from a dog boarding business in Northumberland on how to choose a good boarding service.

1. Do Diligent Research To Identify A Reputable Boarding Service Or Kennel

When going on holiday, you can save some bucks by entrusting your pets to trusted neighbours or friends. However, it is important to remember that they may not be able to offer your pets all the attention they need if they have a busy schedule. Cats do not require a lot of attention and they can be cared for by neighbours but if you own a puppy, it may be better to find a kennel run by a professional for boarding services. If there are kennels in your locality, you should carefully review the quality of services given to other clients who have left their dogs at the facility before booking an on-site visit.

2. Schedule An On-site Kennel Visit

If you are looking for peace of mind that your pet will be in good hands, you should personally visit your kennel of choice before entrusting the staff in the facility with your pet. Speak with the staff and ask any queries that you may have. During the visit, you should also understand the different vaccinations that you need to get your pet, the facilities that will at the disposal of your dog, the exercise activities that dogs in the facilities get and how the management of the kennel handles any medical emergencies. If you want to ensure that your pet will be safe, you should pick a facility that has not had any pet escapes in the past or any recorded pet fights.

It is also important that you tour the entire facility and gauge the level of hygiene in the kennel. You should only settle for a very hygienic facility. Remember that dogs can exposed to the risk of respiratory ailments and other diseases if they are residing in a place that is not clean and properly ventilated.

3. Prepare Your Pet For Boarding

After identifying and booking the most ideal boarding facility in your locality, you should then take the appropriate steps to ensure that your pet has a comfortable stay. Visit the veterinarian and ensure that your pet has been given the appropriate vaccination and medication to fight parasites and bacteria. You can also ask your vet to give you useful tips on how you can make the boarding experience better for your pet.

4. Ensure That You Provide the Boarding Service with Food And Medication for Your Pet

Before taking your pet to the boarding facility, ensure that you have taken all the steps to prevent tick and flea infestations. Ideally, before taking your pet to a boarding facility, you should ensure that it has undergone a thorough medical and physical examination.

You should also ensure that you take all the necessary measures to ensure that the pet has the most comfortable boarding experience. To make this possible, ensure that the staff at the boarding facility understand all your pet traits and potential problem areas.

Before leaving, you should also leave the boarding facility with multiple numbers that they can use to get in touch in case of an emergency. Ensure that the staff also know what you would wish done in case there is an emergency involving your pet.

5. Enjoy Your Vacation And Pick Up A Happy Pet When You Get Back Home

After being away from your pet for some time, the reunion can be emotional. Before showing up at the boarding facility, ask the staff how the pet behaved and what it was like taking care of your pet. Professional boarding facilities usually record details on what transpired so as to prepare for better service delivery should you decide to board your pet in the same location again. On picking your furry friend, it is advisable that you spend some quality time together before going back to your normal day to day routine.