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How To Effectively Handle Proper Pet Pain Management

It’s disheartening to see your pet dog or cat experiencing pain and it just crumples your heart to see them feeling weak or sickly.

There are several reasons why your beloved pet can experience pain, such as the effects of a medical condition, injury, or during recovery after an invasive surgical procedure at a Virginia Beach veterinary hospital.

As painful as it may seem, you can heave a sigh of relief with modern pain management methods and practices that can help alleviate your pet’s painful episodes. Pet pain management is now being practiced by any veterinarian Virginia Beach VA where proven scientific and therapeutic methods are applied to help your pets cope with pain.

Similar methods are being adopted at any Virginia Beach veterinary hospital where such methods are applied to properly control pain to enhance a pet’s quality of life, shorten their healing time, and respond accordingly to therapy and survivability.

It starts with proper care and attention

Pet pain control starts with proper and careful nursing care, as well as gentle nurturing of the pet by providing them with a stress-free environment as best as possible.

The next step in pain care is new-age technological applications that involve stem cell treatments. The process involves the surgical extraction of a pet’s fat tissue where stem cells are harvested. The stem cells are then combined with a fluid derived from the pet’s blood, which is then injected into the damaged area.

The method aids in the healing process by reversing the degenerative effects of the injury and work to substantially reduce the pain.

Post-surgical pain

The pain occurs on the wound caused by invasive surgery after the effects of anesthesia wear off. The use of analgesics is common to help ease the discomforts of pain, as well as administering mild narcotics or sedatives.

Local anesthetics are also being used on some surgical procedures and therapeutic lasers are used to sanitize and close the surgical wound to promote better and faster healing. 

Treatment of chronic pain

This usually requires proper chronic treatment that targets the source of chronic pain. These conditions such as arthritis, cancer, and hip dysplasia regularly require scheduled multiple treatment applications throughout the day depending on the type of medication and pain level.

While pets experience relief from pain as a result of the treatment, it is still a must to continue administering medication to improve the pet’s quality of life and lessen the discomfort of pain throughout the day.

Therapeutic laser treatment and supplements

A most common technological advancement in pain management is therapeutic lasers that have been found to dramatically reduce pain and promote faster healing.

Organic supplements have also been formulated to help ease the pain that contains healing properties to treat certain types of joint damage and inflammation.

With the right methods to alleviate and manage pain-related discomfort for your pets, you not only help improve their quality of life but also allow them to live longer and healthier.

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