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15 Pics of Pit Bulls That Establish They Do not Ought to have Their Terrible Rep

cute photos of pit bulls


Pit Bulls don’t have the best reputation, due in large part to their history, According to the ASPCA, Pit Bulls, along with the similar purebred American Staffordshire Terrier, were often used in illegal dog fighting rings and trained to bait and hold large animals like bears and bulls. With this historic reputation of being trained for aggression, the larger “Pit Bull” or “Bully” class of dog are regulated in some parts of the United States and even banned entirely as pets in New Zealand and the UK. But any photo of a Pit Bull shows that they are true softies that are worthy of anyone’s love.

Pit bulls are one of the most common breeds found abandoned in shelters, according to Pet Central and are in need of a loving home. If you’ve always been afraid of the Pit Bulls or skeptical of adopting one, check out the pictures ahead to see that these big lovable mutts can be loving family pets.

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Look at how happy this good dog is playing on the beach.

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Come on, that tongue is too cute.

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Who can resist this crooked smile?

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They are impossibly adorable as puppies. Just look at that nose!

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You never know when they might make some funny faces.

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If you want a dog that loves to walk, these pooches are always eager and happy to go for a walk outside.

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Playing at a dog park with friends is always fun.

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Be warned: Pit Bulls love to lick their favorite humans.

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They know how to share well with others.

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These patient pups will let you dress them up for all the holidays.

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They’ll even let you dress them up for every day occasions.

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There are so many different colors and markings, we can’t decide which is the cutest.

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They love to snuggle up under the covers.

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They can be loyal loving and gentle around kids.

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These good-natured dogs are always happy when they are in a loving home.


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