Color: Brown Tabby Birthdate: 5/25/2004
Weight: 12 lbs Last Heart Screening: May 2005

About Harvick...

Harvick was named after one of our favorite NASCAR drivers, Kevin Harvick. Harvick is very talkative, he talks back so much it's almost like you can have a real conversation with him. He is always into something or getting into trouble (just like the driver), not like his Little Angel brother, McMurray ;)
Harvick's best features are his long body, good bone, long flowing tail, nice classic pattern, tall ears with good lynx tips, square muzzle and good overall head shape. His very different, diverse, low-numbered pedigree would make him a valued breeder in anyones cattery.

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PEDIGREE OF "HARVICK" Total IC- 9.7% --- Clones- 23.2% --- Top 5- 63.8%

* Cats screened against HCM are in blue *

Ch. Pawstuctaway Blue Genes of Kelim Coons MST Pawstuctaway Jose Cuervo
Mymain's Red Hot N Rollin of Amber Ch. Crooners Red Cloud of Chermaine
Mymain's All Summer Long
GRC Pawstuctaway Rosita GRC Eden Coons DesertSand of Cameocoons
Lakecountry's Garita of Pawstuctaway
Ch. Pawstuctaway Clamity Jane Amberkatz Doogan of Pawstuctaway Mistifyme Whammy Cat of Amberkatz
Willowplace Miss Purrsonality
Pawstcuctaway Sophia Ch. Lakecountry's Huck of Pawstuctaway
Whales Back Miranda of Pawstuctaway
Kelim Coons Tippi CH Kerry-Kit Michael Cain Heritage Coon MST Heritage Coons Jimmy Stewart MST Kitkor O.J. of Heritagecoons
MST Heritage Coons Lucille Ball
Kerry-Kit Erin Paisley Kerry-Kit Colby
CH Kerry-Kit Blair
CH Heritage Coons Lola of Kelim Coons GRC/MST Heritage Coons Drew Bledsoe Whales Back B. Cosby of Heritagecoons
MST Heritage Coons Shirley Temple
MST Heritage Coons Mae West MST Kitkor's Jake Regan of Heritage Coons, HS
CH Le Beau Minu Yankee Pride

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